Arpgut Labs


„Arpgut Labs» is a fictional Story about a imaginary startup which aims to use contemporary and often hyped (bio)technologies as CRISPR and IoT to bring Jean Arps Artworks to a new form beyond the simple picture/ sculpture to rejuvenate the art-market(crashed in 2008 and still waiting for recovery). The presented Arpbot is built to attract a new generation of investors and meet the expectations of younger and geeky collectors. This tale can be presented in a live performance (as i did last April in Cabaret Voltaire/ZH) and/or can be shown as a «Arpgut Labs» corporate video in the exhibition. Both presentation forms – performance and fictional corporate video- use some objects to visualize the (pseudo)scientific background of the invention and production process. There is Arpgut-Lab-labeled Lab-equipment, and fictional Samples of the invention and production process. (Trays with petri dishes and cultures of arpoid Forms growing ( based on extracted impressions of former Dada-performance-audience). The Arpoids grown in petri dishes are then processed into wafers and assembled to so called Arpbot-Devices. These are IoT-ready and therefore able to react to diverse collector’s wishes and trends of the future artmarket.

Cho Linska

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