Re:staurant Dada

So many nice things A.Gurkenhofer did in the last 9 months for the Re:staurant Dada. It is a playground for cooks, artists and the community.


Re:staurant Dada is a brand new Re:staurant, in which are dadaistic meals prepared for the customers. It’s a cheap and healthy kitchen, you can’t be wrong. Dada m’dada, Dada mhm ‹dada. The Dada Re:staurant is kind of chinese, french, german, austrian, italian, mexican, american kitchen. It’s an international Re:staurant without any rules. The only rule is the concept of blind spots. If you watch at it, it dissapears. It’s the same with beans, if you eat them they make you farting.

Re:staurant Dada is a collaborative Installation by several artists curated by Mario Purkathofer. The Installation consists of several parts. You can get a menu with 5 dishes: Kleine Dada Wurst Terror, Opening Manifesto Alphabet Soup, In Futurum, 100% Fried Dollars and Bottlecaps from Flight LX 38. Most of them were cooked during the opening on November 4th 2016. Re:staurant Dada is a cover for Dadaistic expression. The whole menu is inspired by Man Rays Menu for a Dadaist and Duchamps Steak Tartare. Booth of them wrote receipts how to Dada.

The installation itself is a collage of words, letters, manifestos, kitchen tools, art objects, trading cards, found objects, dishes, plates and different ideas around the idea of Dada. Re:staurant Dada is always about storytelling/telling stories with business hours.

The participating artists prepared their contribution, we met them in San Francisco or they are still unknown. After this show all participants will negating their participation. They never was Re:Dadaists. Re:Dadaism never exists.

are Like a TsTs-Fly
In Standby.

All dishes of Re:staurant Dada San Francisco:
Kleine Dada Wurst Terror, based on all Dada Works ever have been written, 2016
Opening Manifesto Alphabet Soup, Pasta-sculpture, based on Hugo Ball’s Eröffnungsmanifest by Adolf Gurkenhofer, 2016
100% Fried Dollar, Money Sculpture, inspired by Sophie Täuber Arp and Nationalbank of Switzerland, by Adolf Gurkenhofer, 2016
Bottlecaps from Flight LX 38, by Adolf Gurkenhofer, 2016
72h Food kit, Ready Made, by Adolf Gurkenhofer, 2016

Next to the dishes their are tools provided to cook those dishes. The kitchen is made of artists or found objects:
1. Kitchen (about 4 meters), installation by Adolf Gurkenhofer
2. Tete Watschenhead (Bread for the artist), Aurelia Fischli & Claude Winterberg, Circuit-Bending-Sculpture, based on Sophie Täuber-Arps Dadahead, 2016
2. Hammer, tapes & screwing diver
3. Important: Heating plate
4. 1 Table for 2 persons and nice chairs
5. Screening wall next to the kitchen or 1 Monitor with computer
6. Nothing
7. Deep fryer
8. Whip
9. Whisk
10. Surveillance Camera (hits the head of Adolf Gurkenhofer till Building-up)
11. No glock because it’s a weapon. And weapons are forbidden in US.
12. 1 chair (4000.-) for Adolf Gurkenhofer
13. Radioactive them all, stamp by Paul Dorn, 2016

Their are several texts, quotations, scores and words in the installation:
100% Manifesto, Paul Dorn, Manifest, 2016
Die entgültigen Verbote stehen noch nicht fest, Erwin Posarnig, 2015
In Futurum, Scores, Erwin Schulhoff, 1942
Italien in Ketten, John Heartfield, Artist Trading cards, 2016

Their is also a Filmprogram, because the Re:staurant Dada is a cinema too:
Dadabraut, Paul Dorn, Video, 2016
Cucumber, Aleve Mine, Video, 2016
Mary I, Claude Winterberg films Adolf Gurkenhofer, Video, 2016
Ready Made, Daniel Boos films Adolf Gurkenhofer, Video, 2016
Kleine dada soiree, video by Fliegendruck, 2016

About the music at Re:staurant Dada
The original Soundtrack for Re:staurant Dada is made by the Circuit bending orchestra. Claude winterberg did live music during the opening hours. The Circuit Bending orchestra is playing at Re:staurant Dada from the beginning of all times. Also during installing it. Together with the artists Claude Winterberg developed wonderful dada instruments. Also the original Tete Watschenhead is part of the circuit bending orchestra.

Made in china
For your kids
Built in a switch
Play the dada.

For example In Futurum, based on Erwin Schulhoffs Pittoreske Nr. 3 In Futurum played by the Circuit Bending orchestra, 2016

Adolf Gurkenhofer, Aleve Mine, Paul Dorn, Gary Singh, David Lovins, Unknown, Aurelia Fischli, Friedrich Glauser, Claude Winterberg, Erwin Posarnig, John Heartfield, Erwin Schulhoff, Juri Steiner, Suleika, Sophie Täuber-Arp, Julia Child, Man Ray, Hugo Ball and others. Curated by Mario Purkathofer


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