GOD Remix (Disambiguation)

This beauty, inspiring revelation rather than awe, is more accessible to the layman and the tradesman than to the connoisseur. Indeed, I would argue the assignation “beautiful” stands in for pleasure, the quotidian pleasure of seeing something work: of understanding the mechanical relations of bodies, organic and inorganic, in concert, in space. And in understanding the mechanics of the form I presume a certain confidence in the mechanics of my own physical form and this is reassuring, especially given the doubt cast upon it (bodily surety) by everything else.

Margaret A. Morgan (“…I use Art History as my Readymade.”)
“The Privy of the Plumber”
Women in DADA
Essays on Sex, Gender, and Identity

“GOD Remix (Disambiguation)”
10’ X 10’ X 8’
Metal studs, custom windows with 2-way mirror panes, plumbing materials (trap) object with wooden base

Tony Labat | God

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