God is a 1917 sculpture and an example of readymade art. God is a 10½ inch high cast iron plumbing trap turned upside down and mounted on a wooden mitre box.

It is now regarded as a sister piece to Marcel Duchamp’s infamous Fountain sculpture which consists of an upended urinal. Both works were created in the same year and there is some uncertainty about who first had the idea of turning plumbing into art. Duchamp and the Baroness were friends during this period, they lived in the same apartment building and had many discussions late into the night. This highly irreligeous Dada object is typical of the deliberately provocative and defiant artistic stance of the Baroness. (CC-BY-SA Wikipeda)

Download (jpg 800kB) | Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven and Morton Schamberg | Wikipedia

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