About Re:PublicDomain & Re:Dada

Re:PublicDomain is a project we started 2009 with the goal to find, distribute and foster the re-use works of authors died 70 years ago and are therefore in the public domain in Switzerland. We work with artists to build on those public domain works and encourage them to as material for their own works. To achieve our goals, we organise events, exhibition, actions, meet ups and interventions.
For the celebration of 100 year dada we focussed together with swissnex San Francisco on works of dadaists. US and Swiss artists re-used dada works. The results are shown as part of the exhibition with swissnex San Francisco under the name Re:Dada.

Re:PublicDomain is an initiative of Dock18 – a media institute at the Rote Fabrik in Zurich, Switzerland.

Re:Dada Support

Re:Dada was made possible by the following organisations:

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cl-logo City Lights Bookstore


Institut für Medienkulturen der Welt
Seestrasse 395
CH-8038 Zurich
e-Mail: info@republicdomain.net

Swissnex San Francisco
Pier 17
The Embarcadero #800
San Francisco
CA 94111
United States

Dock18 is in charge of this webpage.