Re:Dada artists were invited to remix specific Dada works of art to display in the physical exhibit in San Francisco. We call those remixes nodes. Actually the displayed nodes are remixes of our dada archetypes. Through our history original works or in our case archetypes are always re-used and re-appropriated by artists. Our artists used the dada archetypes to build their nodes. You can visit those nodes during the exhibition at swissnex San Francisco in November 2016. Not only our artists re-used dada works. That is why we added to all archetypes nodes we found over time.

For our exhibition the artists were confronted with questions such as: What does it mean to remix Dada works in the public domain? What role does the original intention of an artist play when remixing their works of art? What does it mean to use DADA tactics to remix, collage and deconstruct the historical into the contemporary? Which 21st century tools and technologies can be applied to the historic legacies of DADA to help us understand our own contemporary culture? How are we able to accept, embrace and respect the heritage of DADA through new technology?

The results are described below and the installation can be experienced during the exhibition at Pier 17, swissnex San Francisco from November 4 to 30.

Supplementary God
Arpgut Labs
Karawane Markets
GOD Remix (Disambiguation)
Re:staurant Dada
DaDA Karaoke Machine
Artist Trading Cards
Do Great Things
TitleAuthorArchetypes usedForm
RandenSonateW3rkH0f media artsDiagonal-SymphoniePerformance
Karawane MarketsKarawane CommunityKarawaneVideo
Do Great ThingsTom ComittaIndustriebauernVideo
Arpgut LabCho LinskaDie Grablegung der Vögel und SchmetterlingeInstallation
KomponautorBruno Schlatter / Richard Brandgadji beri bimbamInstallation
Shit postingSofía CórdovaDada ManifestoVideo
fountainJenny OdellFountainSculpture
NegerliederSofía CórdovaPhotograph
Artist Trading Cards (ATC)m. vänçi stirnemannallcards
Swiss Cirquit Bending OrchestraClaude WinterbergFünf PittoreskenPerformance & Installation
Re:staurant DadaAdolf GurkenhoferEröffnungsmanifest, Dada Kopf and all dada Works ever been donePerformacne & Installation
Terms&ConditionsW3rkH0f media artsPerformance
GOD Remix (Disambiguation)Tony LabatGodSculpture
Special Occasion 100 years Dada filterUEBERMORGENFilter
Bill: The MusikillTom ComittaKarawane
Gadi beri bimbam
Supplementary GodJonathon KeatsGodSculpture
DaDA Karaoke MachineW3rkH0f media artsRanden SonataInstallation
Tete WatschenheadAurelia FischliTete WatschenheadSculpture
Opening Manifesto Alphabet SoupAdolf GurkenhoferEröffnungsmanifestFood sculpture
100% Fried DollarsAdolf GurkenhoferNationalbank SchweizFood sculpture
Kleine Dada Wurst TerrorAdolf GurkenhoferAll Dadaworks ever been doneFood sculpture
72h Food kitAdolf GurkenhoferFountainFood sculpture, Ready made
CucumberAleve Mine
A starJohn HeartfieldItalien in KettenBildbearbeitung