Opening Manifesto Alphabet Soup

The opening Manifesto Alphabet Soup is based on the opening manifesto by Hugo Ball.

First Dada-Abend Zuerich, July 14, 1916 Dada is a new art direction. Dada m’dada, Dada mhm ‚dada, How do you become famous? By saying Dada.

Why can not the tree be called Pluplush, and Pluplubash when it rains?

And why does he have to call anything at all? Should we hang our mouth everywhere? The word, the word, the woe in this place, the word, gentlemen & ladies, is a public matter of the first rank.


For 1 very big american fucking egg yo need 100g flavour, for 1 little normal swiss egg 80g. Kneeding with elbow till incontinence.

How to:
Boil the Pasta in a vegetable soup about 10 minutes.


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