The stop motion animation short Diagonal-Symphonie, by Viking Eggeling (1924) is the basis of this visual and audio live performance Re:Use by W3rkH0f media arts.

Viking Eggeling, a long standing friend of many famous Dadaists, is regarded as the grandfather of music videos because of his use of musical structures, timings and light/dark contrasts.

W3rkH0f also used digital images of pages of various original Dada magazines and Hugo Ball’s own description of the creation of Dada to be inserted into this realtime video collage. The sung lyrics of Randensonate are in the style of a Dadaist Lautgedicht for the first element of the sonata and a Simultangedicht in the second half, consisting of modern acronyms (of politics, economics, technology) and names of fruits and vegetables (including beets). This combination of input is then synthesized into a live dada video and sound collage, a live Re:Mixing of these ingredients, using custom developed software tools Live Better (audio) and Hurricane (video).

Jana Honegger sings the first part in solo and the later half with Kent Clelland in a duet. – Kent simultaneously records and live processes the vocals to a unique improvised 12-15 minute computer music sonata. Parallel to this, Jana applies live video synthesis and triggers Dada images to create an improvised visual collage using Hurricane as realtime video synthesis tool. The images are triggered in part by the same control signals as the sound material from the Live Better suite to ensure rhythmic synchronology.

«Randensonate», premiere 15.April 2016, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, Switzerland

Download  | W3rkH0f media arts | Diagonal Symphonie | Viking Eggeling (Wikipedia)

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