Swiss Circuit Bending Orchestra

Swiss Circuit Bending Orchestra: (performance at opening and exhibition)
The swiss circuit bending orchestra is a group of toy hackers, who are modifiying electronic children toys and playing them under certain circumstances. The idea for the project was born in 2015 by Re:Dadaists A. Gurkenhofer & Claude Winterberg in the context of Re:Dada. The orchestra is open for new members. It is runned under the musical direction of Claude Winterberg. For San Francisco Winterberg and his open orchestra arranged 5 Pieces by Erwin Schulhoff for children toys. There are also 2 Installations based on children toys: Duel! based on a story about H. Ball & T. Tzara and the Watschenhead based on Sophie Täuber Arp by A.Gurkenhofer. Anybody who want to become member of the orchestra have to bring his/her own electronic children toy and modify it. You’ll be plugged to the soundsystem.

Flipfloater, A. Gurkenhofer | Fünf Pittoresken

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