Re:Dada, together with other Dada specialists, assembled a collection of popular Dada works that spontaneously came to mind. Original Dada works picked from various archives such as Kunsthaus Zürich, the Swiss archive of literature, the John Heartfield Online Museum or other archives available via the internet. This collection of digitized works build the foundation for these contemporary adaptations by Swiss and US artists, which are displayed at an exhibition at the swissnex gallery in San Francisco for one month, November 2016.

Symphonie diagonale
The Face of Facism
Typical Vertical Mass as Depiction of the Dada Baargeld
Antropophile Tapeworm (lost)
Moth Terror
Die Rationalisierung marschiert
Die Grablegung der Vögel und Schmetterlinge
Die Grablegung der Vögel und Schmetterlinge
Jedermann sein eigener Fussball

GodElsa von Freytag-Loringhovensculpture
Symphonie diagonaleViking Eggelingvideo
Antropophile TapewormJohannes Theodor Bargeldcollage
Opening ManifestoHugo Ballmanifest
Fünf PittoreskenErwin Schulhoffsound
IndustriebauernGeorg Scholzpainting
Typical Vertical Mess as Depiction of the Dada Baargeld
Johannes Theodor Baargeldcollage
Poster for the opening of “Künstlerkneipe Voltaire”Marcel Slodkiposter
Moth TerrorBenjamin de Casserespoem
Die Grablegung der Vögel und SchmetterlingeHans ArpImage
Face of FacismJohn Heartfieldcollage
Adolf The Superman: Swallows Gold And Spits Tin‎John Heartfieldcollage
Everyman His Own FootballJohn Heartfieldcollage
Rationalization Is On The March!John Heartfieldcollage
Dada headSophie Taeuber Arpsculpture
Construction I. Nr. 302 / globalTheo von Doesburg (Bonset) collage
DodoJacob Hoefnagelpainting
Letzte Lockerung - Manifest DadaWalter Sernermanifest
De Jazz van het BankroetPaul van Ostaijenmusic
KarawaneHugo Ballpoem
NegerplastikCarl Einsteinbook
gadji beri bimbaHugo Ballpoem
FountainMarcel Duchampsculpture
Small Dada Soiree, Poster Theo van Doesburg (Christian Emil Marie Küpper) with Kurt Schwitters poster
AlannahPaul Citröenimage