Swissnex San Francisco

DADA turns 100 in 2016 and to celebrate, swissnex San Francisco is collaborating with partners in Zurich, Switzerland to celebrate and acknowledge its birth so many years ago at Cabaret Voltaire. DADA is a code that stands for the radical experiment to reduce to absurdity tried concepts and values – a strategy that’s valid still. DADA’s tactics to remix, collage, deconstruct, and share, revealed a democratic idea of art that today drives internet, DIY, open source and ‘remix culture’.

Many of the DADA art works have now arrived in the public domain–intellectual property and copyrights have expired and they now belong to everybody and can be reused in any creative way. With dada works in the public domain from the Kunsthaus Zurich and other collections of DADA works, Dock 18, a creative space for media art in Zurich, has built an online platform to invite artists, writers and makers to ‘remix’ the digital images, words, sounds and actions using their 21st century tools and concepts.  swissnex San Francisco is collaborating with Dock 18 to bring the Re: DADA project to San Francisco in 2016.

Curation: Mario Purkathofer, Daniel Boos

The following productions are currently nominated for the Exhibition Re:Dada
Claude Winterberg: Circuit Bending Orchester (Music)  – Switzerland
Atc trading network: 1000 trading cards (Graphic, Cards) – Switzerland
Cholinska: Arpgut lab (Installation, Sculptur) – Switzerland
W3rkhof: Randensonate (Food Art, Music) – Switzerland/US
Dock18 Restaurant + Lord Klitchko: Fried Money, Manifesto Noodle soup (3D, Sculptural Text, Food Art)
Bruno Schlatter: Komponautor (Software, Audio) – Switzerland
Re:Dada Cinema Program mit Paul Dorn: Die Dadabraut (56min), Adolf Gurkenhofer: Betteln mit Maria (11min), Stefan M. Seydel: Bühne War Fake (7min), Cholinska: Arpgutlab (10min), Karawane (14min), Christian Balke: Kleine Dada Soiree Zurich (45min), u.a.

We will invite US artists and foster an exchange between Swiss and US artists.

Call#1 Artist Trading Cards
 Create Cards!

Call#2 Ristorante Dada
Send recipes! (Dock18 restaurant accepts further menu items to cook and eat dadaist work. Send your recipes or preparation methods for dada works to our Lord Koch Klitchko).

Call#3 Karawane
Recite the dadaistic poem Karawane from Hugo Ball. Everybody gets 5$ for his new performance.

Call#4 Antropopophile Tape Worm
We are calling for help to find the antropophile tape worm a dada work from Johannes Baargeld. Who finds the antropophiler tape worm? The work is considered lost. The only photographic image is located in the magazine Schammade.